Friday, February 20, 2009

Where is the middle?

There are well-meaning folks that are proud to call themselves liberal, far left thinkers.

There are well-meaning folks that are proud to call themselves conservative, far right thinkers.

My sense is both are minority groups.

My sense is that most Americans, yes, most humans are in the middle.

Politically, it seems that only the far right (Nazism, Fascism, Neocons, etc.) or the far left (Communism, Socialism, Bleeding hearts, etc.) seem to be able to grab the attention of the media, people's emotions and gain power, however fleeting it may be.

Seems to me the middle is unrepresented. Probably because those of us in it don't make good news. We are boring. Normal. The dreaded "middle of the road".

So, we end up with polarized political parties lead by idealogues from the far left and the far right. Eventually, those on the edge fall off into neverland and the world swings hard the other way. I would predict that in eight years we are going to have a swing back to the new versions of Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay.
Who knows, maybe even the old versions of them.

Who represents those of us who don't line up with either bunch of goofballs? Who speaks for common sense and practicality? Even the media now proudly identify themselves with the left or right.

Think maybe I will move to Omaha and start a movement of Middlism, and hopefully it will ripple out from there.

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