Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WARNING: Four letter word coming

If you think you might be offended, click away now.

Paul. There, I've said it. Paul as in Begala. As in Paul "Fuck 'em" Begala.

Paul uttered those great words when advising President William Jefferson Clinton. When discussing a tax plan that would be harsh on those earning more than $200,000 per year, that great business man, that great leader, that creator of jobs and opportunity, that great patriot, that inventor of important things, that dedicated public servant said "Fuck 'em."

Well, Mr. Begala, I have been waiting for just the right opportunity. And I am in a foul mood today. "Fuck you", Mr. Begala.

Fuck you for never having had a real job. Fuck you for helping other people that have never had real jobs (read Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Barack Obama) get elected so they can decide how to spend my money. Money that I earned. Money that came from no government entity. Money that wasn't granted. Money that wasn't inherited. Money that I earned because I helped companies grow and therefore they were willing to pay me. Because we made profits. A concept you have never had to deal with.

Congratulations on your amazing business career. So far as I can tell, your only experience in the "for profit" sector (that means not sucking off the public teat)Mr. Begala, was your fine contribution to George magazine. How's that going? Oh.

Can you read a P&L? Do you know where real jobs come from? Can you make a product or provide a service that anyone wants to buy? Have you spent any time in the military? What qualifies you to advise anyone on anything?

I read recently where you suggest that we re-institute public stocks. The wooden kind where we put scoundrels so that they can receive public shame. Mr. Begala, I think that is a fine idea. Now, be a leader for the only time in your life and stick your pointy head and un-calloused hands and feet in their first. Fucker.

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