Thursday, February 12, 2009

Performance Art

Henrietta Hughes and Joaquin Phoenix.

Both created images yesterday that will not soon be forgotten.

I pray that Henrietta's was not a performance. Not staged. She was a very sympathetic, unnerving character.

I pray that Joaquin's was a performance. He was a very unsympathetic, unnerving character.

The sad reality is that they will now both be treated much the same by the media and the leering public. They will be over inspected. Over admired. Over hyped. Over interviewed.

Oprah is probably working to line up both. As is Larry King. As is O'Reilly.

Books, movies, tours. All will be offered because of their unscripted, unimaginable telegenic performances.

President Obama and David Letterman were perfect foils. Both did their jobs admirably.

President Obama showed sympathy and got her in touch with the local housing authority. He didn't give her a house. He didn't give her anything. However, a myth is now being created that he did. And too many people will believe it. Some will belive it because they want to tear down the president. Some will believe it because they are ignorant and believe he has almost magical power and their free house is soon to come. Both groups will be severly disappointed.

David Letterman upstaged the brilliant act and kept it funny.

Henrietta, may the good Lord bless you and keep you.

President Obama, don't let the unrealisic expectations build.

Mr. Letterman, keep it weird.

Joaquin, can't wait for the next show.

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