Thursday, February 5, 2009


W. has become the logo for the years 2000-2008.

What comes to mind when you see it?

War? Waste? Wicked? Waterboard? Wyoming? Worst? Wrong?

Wonderful? Winner? Wisdom? Worldly? Warrior? Warmth? Worthy?

Whatever it means to you, remember.

We elected him. Twice. The royal We. The people of the United States.

Won the first time as a reaction to a Womanizer. Won a hotly contested election over a Wonk for global Warming.

Won again over a Wooden soldier that married a Wealthy Widow.

Will be defined in history by World Trade Center. WMD. War in Iraq. And the introduction to most of us of Wahhabism, a very Warped form of Worship.

While We continue to Waste time yakking about the positives and negatives of the past, Why don’t We focus on what counts. The future.

Week ago, Iraq held free democratic elections. Was that Worth the lives of 4300 U.S. soldiers and counting? What if democracy does take hold in Iraq? What if they become our ally in the region? What can We do to help make sure it Works? Remember, Japan and Germany hated us and vice versa as recently as the time us baby boomers came into this World. What if We can Withdraw with some real form of victory?

What if W. becomes synonymous with Wow. What if all of this calamity, thru some miraculous serendipity, becomes the World’s greatest happy accident.

Whew. I feel better just Wondering.

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