Thursday, February 19, 2009

A nation of cowards

Eric Holder, the new Attorney General of the United States, said in a speech yesterday that we are a "nation of cowards" because we don't talk enough amongst each other about things racial.

Mr. Holder added that our society is "voluntarily socially segregated".

Mr. Holder made these statements during a speech to honor Black History Month.

Mr. Holder, my pastor is African American. The church I attend is 99% African American. So, am I right for attending that church? Are my Black friends at church wrong because they choose to worship there? What would you have us do?

Mr. Holder, to make change in our cowardice, why don't you do something that you may well have the power to do as Attorney General. Outlaw Black History Month. Is there any more divisive, racist, separatist event in our country than Black History Month?

We don't have Native American History month, and they have been abused much worse than Black America. We don't have Hispanic American History month, and there are many more Hispanics than African Americans. We don't have Left-Handed American month, and Lord knows those people have suffered from the bias of right-handed thinking all of their existence.

Come on, Mr. Holder. Let's see some courage.

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