Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. President Elect, Don't Forget the Job Description

The first job of government is to protect the people.

The instruments of power at your disposal to accomplish this job are many. But the most important job is to PREVENT trouble as opposed to fighting trouble. Which means you need the best possible information on potential trouble before it becomes a real problem for the American people. Several of your predecessors apparently forgot that.

Which brings us to the appointment of head of the CIA. Don't know who the best choice is. But Leon Panetta isn't. How is his Pashtu? His Hindi? His Baraha? Who are his contacts in Russia? Has he ever ordered the arrest or killing of an enemy of the United States? Does he have the stomach for ordering the arrest or killing of an enemy of the United States?

How about his understanding of cultures and religions around the world? How are his relationships with our military, to whom he will be responsible for supplying critical information?

The CIA is in place to protect us. It must be managed by someone who already knows how to do it. The Chief of Police from Anytown, USA would be a better choice than a politician.

Please, Mr. President Elect. Change. Change this bad idea. And/or, please, Mr. Panetta, stand down. For all of our sakes.


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  2. Crap. It's too late now. They put the dipstick in place and he will summarily disassemble the CIA and render it useless - except for the Jack Bauers who will keep doing the right job for often the wrong reasons.

    The new Administration is interested only in "CHANGE", and if you haven't seen the new "" website, check it out.

    Unfortunately - they want to change EVERYTHING - regardless of whether it "needs change" or not. So anything that "was working" is doomed, too, because "it must CHANGE".

    Hopefully 4 years of this insanity will run its course and we can somehow recover. If there is anything left.