Friday, January 9, 2009

The Difference Between a River and a Swamp


That's the difference between a river and a swamp.

Without boundaries and borders, anything can creep and seep in or out. With boundaries and borders, the defined flow refreshes, cleanses, stays pure, moves forward.

Boundaries and borders are necessary to make something sovereign. Which means, "not controlled by outside sources."

People and countries are similar. They either have and respect and protect their boundaries, or they end up being controlled by outside forces.

So, why is there any debate about the importance of respected, protected boundaries for the United States?

Where is the outcry to make our borders more secure?

We must have secure borders or we will end up controlled by outside sources.

Like who? Like the drug cartel. Next time you have the chance, drive thru El Paso, Texas. You can see Juarez, Mexico from I-10. At least 1000 murders took place in Juarez last year. You don't have to go to Afghanistan to see a threat. Just go to El Paso.

And the problem is coming across our porous border.

The drug trade and the related terrorism is so bad, so dangerous, so overwhelming, that the City Council of El Paso passed a unanimous resolution this week asking the U.S. federal government to consider legalizing narcotics. If you can't beat them, join them?

Like, radical Islam. They have already visited us on 9/11. They understand our laws. Our strengths. Our weaknesses. Our political correctness. And, they flaunt them. Just as they have in much of Europe, specifically the U.K. Did you know that in parts of England where Muslims dominate the population, the British government has waved a white flag and allows Sharia law to govern?

These well educated Islamic terrorists know the borders and systems. Which is interesting. Because in their belief system, there are no borders. Islam does not respect sovereign countries. The Qur'an calls for a world without borders, ruled by Islamic law.

Our ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) are so overwhelmed that they have to choose which illegal aliens to target. Local law enforcement officials will tell you that if an illegal alien is arrested for a crime, the ICE will not come pick them up unless it is a really high value arrest.

This is not suggesting isolation. This is promoting safe, secure borders.

The war in Iraq has turned out to be very different than what the planners imagined. Why? Primarily, because we did not send enough forces into Iraq to secure the borders. What happened? Thousands of radical Islamic fighters entered Iraq. Tons of weapons entered Iraq. As a result, thousands of soldiers and Iraqui citizens are dead. Thousands more are wounded and scarred for life. Again, why? The borders were not secure.

I have been in the Okefenokee and the Everglades swamps. I wanted out. Quick. They take the life out of you.

I have been in the Comal and Sava rivers. Wish I was in one of them now.

What to do about this if you agree?

Call, email, or write a good old fashioned letter to your congressmen and senators. Write letters to the editor. Join the Customs and Border Patrol. Run for public office. Make your voice heard.

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  1. Yeah - join the Border Patrol, do your job, and get thrown in jail... :( Thank God Bush figured out a way to give them a break... I don't agree with everything they did, but we all know they were going after the bad guys, and we KNOW they were bad guys. Jack Bauer got caught, but somehow he always get free.

    BTW, Jack - aim higher next time.