Thursday, January 15, 2009

America's City

Have been in Washington D.C. all week.

Longest time I have been here since our seventh grade trip. (No, I'm not throwing water balloons out the hotel window as I did in 1966).

It is an amazing place. History. Activity. Fabulous architecture. Beautiful geography.

I had the need to visit some Congressmen. I expected an ordeal.

I was wrong. It is an amazingly easy process.

Most interesting, access to the House Office Buildings is simpler than getting into most office buildings in New York. You don't have to sign in. You don't have to have an appointment. You don't have to have someone call upstairs to confirm you.

There is a security screen thru a metal detector, but not as strenuous as at the airport.

Once you are in, you can walk the halls. Outside each Representative's door is a plaque with their name and a sign that says, "Welcome. Please come in." And they mean it. You, the real America can go see any Congressman. And I highly recommend it. It makes Washington not seem so foreign and disconnected.

It is interesting to see all of the preparation going on for the Inauguration. The guy with the Porta Potty concession is the biggest winner. You have never seen so many in one place. Do we serve free beer at this event?

Everywhere you turn you are reminded of the greatness of this country. And how many great men and women we owe gratitude too. Monuments. Buildings and streets named in honor. Every sector of our country represented.

Here in America's City, there is one issue that is hard to comprehend. The taxis are driven by people who aren't American. They are from all over the world. Especially Africa. Most are polite. English is not there native language. My experience is that quite often they don't know the city. Last trip, the cab driver taking me to Reagan airport had no idea where to go. He barely spoke English. I had to point out the signs and tell him where to turn.

How hard would it be to institute a system as they have in London where getting a taxi license requires real study and knowledge of the city. Isn't America's City and the people that visit from around the world deserving of that?


  1. Love DC!! Every American should be required to go there at least once.

    I will vote for your new taxi system

  2. i'm telling you, you need to run for office. can i get a second people?