Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice in Los Angeles

In my tea glass, that is.

See, I am learning to write headlines like CNN.com.

They aren’t in the business of reporting the news. They are in the business of marketing the news.

If a story doesn’t get clicked often enough, it comes off the site. If it gets clicked a lot, it stays up.

That’s how you get headlines like today’s “Mom catches surprise twin in pants”. It is actually a story of a courageous husband and a well run 911 call. But they couldn’t resist.

And, always a headline with the word sex in it as in today’s, “Shots help boost low sex drive in men”. No, ladies, there isn’t a new shot that will take the Mississippi leg hound out of your husband.

Isn’t this great, you get to make the news. Click on lots of stories about sex and puppies, and you get more. Apparently, lots of folks are.

Not a mention of Iraq. Or Iran. Or Afghanistan. Or health insurance, or lack thereof. No ice storm news. No mention of Gaza. Nor China, deflation, or the proposed new electric grid for the United States.

If you want that kind of information, you go to The Christian Science Monitor. I know nothing about the Christian Scientists. I don’t know why they publish a newspaper. But, I am glad they do. It contains real information about what is going on in the world.

And, they are the first major newspaper to do the obvious. It is only available online. (So nice to read the paper and not worry about leaving black smudge on the white couch.)

I am sure CNN is anxious for the next Lindsay Lohan story. This Obama guy is getting way too serious.

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