Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shawshank Stimulus

I wish what you were about to read was made up. I wish I had made it up, but I'm not that creative, or crazy, or insane as the folks that made it happen.

From The San Francisco Chronicle

"The federal government sent about 3,900 economic stimulus payments of $250 each this spring to people who were in no position to use the money to help stimulate the economy: prison inmates.

The checks were part of the massive economic recovery package approved by Congress and President Barack Obama in February. About 52 million Social Security recipients, railroad retirees and those receiving Supplemental Security Income were eligible for the one-time checks.

Prison inmates are generally ineligible for federal benefits. However, 2,200 of the inmates who received checks got to keep them because, under the law, they were eligible, said Mark Lassiter, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration. They were eligible because they weren't incarcerated in any of the three months before the recovery package was enacted."

And these clowns want to run healthcare.

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