Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big O, you blew it

Rarely has a newly elected President had such a tidal wave of support.

In six months, you have gone from Mr. Popular to at best having 50% of the populace behind you.

And in the meantime, the outside world has grown incresingly dim about your presidency.

The home folks are flummoxed by health care reform they don't trust and that you nor anyone else can explain to anyone why it is a good idea.

Trillions of dollars are flowing out of the Treasury to places we can't follow, even though you promised transparency.

TARP is a joke. The stimulus is a nightmare.

You have lost the American public in six short months.

So, why would a foreign government or an enemy listen to you when you have lost the leverage of the American people?

Big O, you have lost Big Mo.

I voted for you. I thought you might have a chance to use your popular support.

You wasted it on Democratic pet projects.

You may well go down as the least effective President we have ever seen. Somewhere below Jimmy Carter.

You need to remember the folks that voted you in.

Right now, they do not support you in majority. If the election were re-held tomorrow, and assuming John McCain wouldn't pick what's her name as VP, you wouldn't win.

Regroup. Check the pulse of the American people. All of them, since that's what you represent.

Do something bold and right.

You are not just the head of the Democratic Party.

You are the Leader of the Free World.

Act like it.

Condemn Saudi contributions to radical Islam.

Build the border between us and Mexico.

Bring our military home if we are not going to scorch the earth in the countries we are in. Our military is not a police force. It is a warrior group in search of an enemy. If you cannot name the enemy and enunciate a mission, our military has no business being there.

Make their problems their problems.

Big O, I like you.

I think you got in over your head because you are smart, black, and well spoken.

Regardless, you are in.

Use it, or lose it.

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