Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rules of war

Let me get this straight.

Radical Islamic men decide that based on their ideology that it is moral to kill innocent men and women around the world.

They blow up a Marine base in Lebanon. They blow up American Embassies in Africa. They blow up tourists in Egypt. They blow up clubs in Indonesia. They blow up trains in London.

They blow up the USS Cole.

They plot and hijack commercial airplanes in the United States. They slit the throats of American Airlines and United Airlines employees.

With training provided by their covert actions in the United States, they are capable of flying a jet airliner.

They fly the planes into the World Trade Center.

They fly a plane into the Pentagon.

They have another plane headed to Washington, D.C. for untold damage and harm.

Thanks to courageous Americans, that plane ended up in a Pennsylvania farm.

We have sent our children into Afghanistan and Iraq to fight these radicals.

Supposedly, they are the scourge of the Islamic world.

Our men and women went into Iraq to take the country away from Saddam Hussein. And we did it.

Since then, who have we been fighting?

Radical Islamists from around the world.

Radical Islamists have been killing and maiming soldiers from every country that sent support into Iraq. And Afghanistan.

Iran has been the primary supporter. Syria and other countries have also been accomplices.

We have 130,000 military men and women still in Iraq.

We have pulled all of them out of the towns and cities. And Iraq is blowing up.

We now hear that a new Shiite majority that is allied with Iran is planning a political overthrow of al-Maliki, the current boss in Iraq.

He's toast.

It is so gratifying to hear this from a country for which we as Americans have sacrificed over 4000 U.S. lives. And tens of thousands of permanently wounded.

al-Maliki's only hope is to bond with the Sunni minority in Iraq. Say goodnight Dick.

After all we have spent in human cost and U.S. dollars, Iraq is soon to be an adjunct state of Iran.

Unless, someone in the West says no.

The Saudis are crying for help. If the Shiites take over Iraq, their next enemy is Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia is a sparsely populated Sunni region with huge oil reserves.

The folks in Tehran would just love to run the Saud family out of town, kill all the Sunnis, and take over all the oil in the middle east.

And our concern as America today seems to be the treatment of radical Islamists by our intelligence agencies and our military.

Trust me, these bastards have never read nor cared about the Warsaw Pact or any other rules of war.

Radical Islam does not respect any rule of law other than Sharia law.

They behead infidels.

They make laws to enable men to rape their wives.

They make laws to enable men to marry girls 8 years old.

Yet, we are focused on being politically correct.

As a wise man in Vaudeville once said, "This fucking I'm gettin isn't worth this fucking I'm getting."

We are not fighting a country.

We are not fighting a geography.

This is world war of the worst sort.

It is religious and boundless.

Radical Islam only wants one thing.

World domination.

World worship of their form of god.

World acceptance of their law.

Wake up, America.

Wake up, President Obama.

Wake up, Congress.

The radical Islamists really don't care about universal health care.

We will be fighting them on U.S soil soon if we don't get real.

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