Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Islam, what's it going to be?

Dear Members of Islam,

I have no idea what your thougts are. I can't comprehend what all of your lives are like. You span the globe.

As do Christians. And Buddhists. And Hindus. And many other religions.

Just like I can't comprehend what all the Christians think. Nor the Hindus. Nor the Buddhists. Or the secular humanists. Or the Wiccans. Or the Druids.

I can't comprehend what you think.

As we currently sit, it ain't pretty.

The so-called "radical Islamists" have declared war on the West. Meaning Europe. The United States. Canada. South America.

It is their way or death.

Is that the way it is?

If so, we are headed to Armageddon.

Well, we in the rest of the world say it is open to interpretation.

And we will fight you to the death for that option.

You focus on America as the demon.

Let me point out an issue you haven't yet dealt with.


They don't buy your program.

And as a group, neither do we in America. Or Europe.

Nor Australia. Nor South America.

As a Christian nation, regardless of what our President says, we are bound by the call of Christ.

"To love thy neigbor as thyself."

Warring against each other leads to no good end.

You are losing sweet souls. And so are we.

How long do we go on?

Regardless of the geography, how long do we keep fighting?

If there is a moral center of Islam, let it come forth.

I choose to believe that the Taliban and Al Qaeda don't represent the majority of Islam. As of today.

The rulers of Egypt put down the anarchy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

You Saud family tap down on the Wahhabis, even though you allow monies to be poured into the radical Islamist factions.

We are already in World War.

And this is the most serious yet.

It isn't geographic.

It is idealogic.

You and we have to make a decision.

Your radical arm is waging war. They want to blow up airplanes on Christmas Day.

Is that what you want?

If there is a moral compass in Islam, let it come forth.

Otherwise, you are going to see an awful situation where we, the West (and China), declare you an enemy of humanity and will have no choice but to bomb you out.
And Mr. Amajimgobbadadingaling, you will be first.

Tehran will be dust. Which is so sad, because there are obviously thousands if not millions of freedom lovers there that you oppress.

As will Qom. And the rest of your nuclear faciliies.

We will not fight you on the ground.

We will bomb you out from above. Just like we made the decision in the war with Japan. It was worth it to bomb civilians in your country to save the lives of our soldiers if it was to be a ground war. We own the skies. You own sand.

Having lost a son in this calamity, I pray that you might not want to lose anymore.

But again, I don't presume to understand.

All I know is if your way is the only way, buckle up.

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