Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death of an Idol

One of my idols died today.

Jack Conn.

He was bigger than the rest of us.

Physically. Six four and fully mature at 16.

But more important, he was bigger in his humanity.

Jack was bigger than sports. Although he was a stud.

Jack was a friend to all.

He was the guy in high school that had all the physical and mental gifts to be a snoot.

Yet, he wasn't.

He was a guy. A friend. A protector of the little people.

This world has a new hole in it. The size of Jack Conn.

Someone needs to fill it.

I wish I had known him longer and better after our high school years.

He was the guy I wish I had been.

I was a punk physically.

Jack was a giant.

But I learned from wathcing him that it was more important to be a gentle friend.

Godspeed Jack.

Godspeed to Jack's family that is hurting tonight.

Know that he inspired at least one human to love like him.

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