Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where are the leaders?

The job of leaders is to give their people the resources needed to succeed.

General McChrystal, men and women in uniform, how encouraged you must feel.

The man on the ground, the man responsible for killing the enemy and protecting the lives of all that report to him, has reported we are losing.

He requested a minimum of 42,000 more.

The knuckleheads in Washington came up with 30,000.

And left our military in Afghanistan waiting for months for their collective genius.

President Obama, if this is a war "we cannot lose", then why?

You should have sent everything asked for, and more.

Read the book, Kill bin Laden. Ask those men that were there that day when we had him surrounded how many they think it will take today to scour him out of those badlands.

And Sir, what will be done to the Pakistanis if they don't man up?

And Sir, what will be done about Iran and their weaponry being sent into Afghanistan?

And Sir, why did you leave yourself (as my grandpa would say) with "your ass flapping in the breeze because you weren't smart enough to cover it"?

You send less than requested. And announce when we will be leaving.

Fighting an enemy that marks time in epochs, not months, what do you think their reaction might be? I'll bet the birth rate in the border region goes up considerably in the next 18 months.

Why fight and waste resources? They will just wait. Hide. Spend time with the Mrs. Mullah. Let it get real quiet.

Then it will look like your strategy was just perfect.

And then they will start all over.

Trying to satisfy every possible special interest group around the world has lead to this muddling strategy.

Sir, our objective has to be to win.

Your job is to lead us to that victory.

That is the only measurement that counts.

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  1. McCrystal blew it, and Obama followed suit. Any warrior knows troop welfare, is only preceded by mission accomplishment. I think McCrystal’s asking for 40,000 troops is laughable, it tells me he is unfit for duty and it makes the remaining mission a fool’s errand. McCrystal is a pawn, placating to the powers for which he serves.
    FYI: Flag level officers serve at the leisure of the President.