Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Safe travels

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that our airport security system worked. If you think those words were taken out of context, listen to her say it in this interview on CNN.

Oh, and there's no reason to suspect this guy was part of any larger threat. Yep, he just picked up an exposive device at the newsstand in the airport. All by himself.

Oh, and there's no reason to believe he was improperly screened.

Nope, everything is hunky dory. She encourages the flying public to relax. She's got it covered.

And now she has some more good news for you.

Ms. Napolitano and President Obama have put forward a new candidate to head the TSA.


Because they believe it is the right of TSA employees to unionize. That's right, unionize the TSA.

They have the backing of President Obama, who promised on the campaign trail that collective bargaining and workplace protections "will be a priority" for his administration. "It is unacceptable for TSOs to work under unfair rules and without workplace protections -- this makes it more difficult for them to perform their jobs," Obama wrote in a letter to the American Federation of Government Employees in October. "Since 2001, TSA has had the unfettered ability to deny its workforce even the most basic labor rights and protections."

This administration does not get it.

They have one objective.

To create more Democrats.

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