Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Christmas Story

Tis the season.

It snowed today in Dallas.

Lights are up.

The tree is in the house.

The house is full of kids and grandkids.

Fire burning, and it is the best kind of warm.

The manger scene is up on the bookcase.

I picked up my two year old grandson and took him to the manger scene to explain.

"Ollie, this is the manger where Jesus was born. This is the angel overhead. Can you say angel?"


"Ollie, do you know who this is? Her name is Mary."


"Oliver, this is Joseph."


"And do you know who this is?"

"Baby Jesus".

"You are so right, baby boy. Do you know what baby Jesus did?"

"He farketed. And pooped."

To a two year old looking at a plastic replica of a baby in a loose diaper that was fully man and fully God, his perspective may be the most honest yet.

It isn't recorded in Scripture. But it is now in my head.

And I believe it is true.

Thank you, Ollie.

The Christmas Story just got so much more real, human, believable and honest.

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