Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow, it works

You have read on this blog twice before about Brendan Marrocco, a soldier hit by an EFMP in Iraq while we were there in April.

Brendan is a quadriplegic, and is now at Walter Reed recuperating.

This past weekend, he was invited to the ATT National and was greeted by Tiger Woods.

And this morning, I get the email string as follows.


As did many, over the weekend I became aware of Brendan Marrocco’s situation. I would like to make a financial contribution on his behalf and perhaps stay involved with his development in other ways as well. For now, can you please provide a payee and address where a check might be forwarded? Thank you

Pete McGuigan


here is the information you requested. thanks for helping.

out of curiousity, how did you hear about brendan and how did you find me?



Thank you for forwarding the info requested. I became aware of Brendan’s situation when watching Brendan on TV this past weekend as he was attending the Tiger Woods’ golf tournament down in Bethesda. Apparently, Tiger hosts the tournament and the tourney gate proceeds go to assist military families and wounded vets. Then, as I read the NY Times this morning, I saw Brendan’s picture in the sports section, so I googled his name and “Burks Law” came up. Regards


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  1. Your blog is a signpost for people. It's working.