Monday, July 20, 2009

Women's shoes

My orthopedic doctor loves women's fashion.

They all end up at his office.

He calls flip-flops "the design of Satan".

No support for the arch or anything else. It keeps him in business.

High heels? He understands the attraction, but he sees the aftermath. Women wanting their toes or feet shortened so they can wear these "see me, catch me's".

He makes a good living from that.

He recommeds we all walk around in New Balance shoes.

They are designed for the human foot. They actually provide support for pronation or supination.

This may be the one part of life that men have an advantage in.

You are what you are in your Jordans. Or your Adidas Superstars. Or your original Chuck Taylor Superstars.

Men's feet don't suffer like women's feet for the cause of fashion. Or, rather said, the attraction of the opposite sex.

The same woman in flats versus the same woman in Jimmy Choo's can be the difference between a 3 and a 9.

If only us men would figure that out. Like my doctor friend.

He pleads with you beautiful ladies to keep buying stilleto's.

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