Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To my sweet boy

Petey, two years ago today was the last time we saw each other alive.

Little did I know that four months later I would see you in a steel casket.

I sat on the porch tonight in the adirondack chairs that you and I always sat in for our long talks.

It was there that I learned about radical Islam. It was there that I learned about the twisted logic of the Iraq war. It was there that I learned so much from you. It was there that you told me that you wanted to go serve on the front line because you believed it was nobody else's job but yours.

Son, I miss you so much.

How I long to hug your thick neck. How I long to kiss your sweet face.

How I long to hear your loud sneezes. How I long to hear your laugh.

Pete, we humans on this earth are missing something because you aren't here.

There is a hole here that can't be filled.

But, we are comforted by the knowledge of your life and our faith in where you are.

You lived a complete life. You got a job that you loved. You met men that became brothers for life.

You loved Missy and she loved you back.

You were the best brother anybody could ask for.

You were the best friend anybody could hope for.

You loved your Lord openly, faithfully, honestly.

You were and are an honor to your family, your friends, your schools, your Army, your country.

The world is better for you being here, Pete.

That's all any of us can hope for.

You continue to touch lives everyday.

Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for loving me.

I thank God for our time together.

And I am anxiously waiting to hug you again.

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