Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bureaucrats and their bureaucrap

The U.S. military is fighting two wars at once.

North Korea is testing missiles.

Iran is working on nukes.

And yet, some genius beureaucrats at the Pentagon have had time to come up with this brilliant idea.

"A new study commissioned by the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs recommends a complete ban on tobacco, which would end tobacco sales on military bases and prohibit smoking by anyone in uniform, not even combat troops in the thick of battle." -CNN

There you go. How about getting better, lighter armored vehicles into battle zones. Four Marines were killed today in Afghanistan by roadside bombs that blew up their vehicles.

Wow, sure hope they weren't smoking. That could have been hazardous to their health.

How many of the nimcompoops that spent time and taxpayer money on this have ever been to war? Do you knuckleheads not understand stress? That 15 months away from home in war leaves you in need of something to calm your nerves? That many in the military smoked before they joined? And now you are going to tell someone who is willing to take a bullet for you they can't have a smoke while waiting out some sniper that has been killing their buddies?

Is this group going to tell President Obama that he can't smoke? Cause he admits that he still burns one to relieve stress. And he is the Commander in Chief.

Pogo got it right in 1970. "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Secretary Gates, please send the folks responsible for this study to Helmand Province for 15 months of follow-up study on this. No alcohol. No fancy D.C. restaurants. Just fighting to stay alive and MREs. Let's see how many of them come back without having fired up a cig or a stogie.

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