Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Purple People

Our country has been reduced to red people and blue people.

Red represents Republican. Blue represnets Democrat.

I think most of us aren't Red or Blue. We're Purple.

I have spent time with elected officials in Washington from both parties.

Their take is that no one can get awareness from the media, which leads to electibility, unless they are far right or far left.

The sad news is that the folks in the middle are viewed as boring by the media.

And, I believe, most of us are in the middle.

If there was ever a time for a Third Pary, I think it is now.

Our government is so polarized by the hard left and right.

I believe that President Obama is Purple. He has learned in his short time in office that Guantanomo was not such a bad idea. He is learning that pulling troops out of Iraq is leading to bloodshed (President Bush signed the agreement to pull our troops out. President Obama is simply following the rules that were set before him.)
He understands clearly that Afghanistan is where the terrorist base is.

If President George Bush 43 had focused on Afghanistan rather than Iraq, we might think of him as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

Someday, we may understand why Iraq. But that is another story.

If we look at election results, the coasts are blue and the center of the country is red. The coasts have more people per capita. Thus, their voting sways the whole thing.

So, those of us who don't live on the coast have one of two choices.

One, have lots more babies.

Two, start a party that represents us.

In the past, there were Dixiecrats. Democrats with conservative views.

We have gay Republicans who are conservative financially, think Al Gore is a nutjob,
and want to drill for oil now.

We have Black America that is horrified by the far left liberals. Black America is based in the Protestant Church. "Praise be to Glory, great things He has done."

Using California as an example, you only have to move 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean moving East to find Purple Country. From the northern most tip to the Southern most tip of California, 100 miles from the coast brings you into ranchland. Farmland. The difference in San Francisco and Folsom are massive. The difference in Los Angeles and Bakersfield is wider than the San Andreas Fault.

The same can be said of New York City. In itself, it is a Democratic stonghold. Recent developments in the state legislature suggest that Democrats and Republicans in New York state are in an uproar with far left and far right policies. Move west 100 miles, and the state turns red.

We aren't that simple minded. We aren't that polarized. We can't let the far left and the far right run us or ruin us.

Let's start a new Purple Party. Based in Belle Fourche South Dakota. Since Hawaii and Alaska joined the Union, that's the geographic center.

What we need is an electrifying Purple person to rise up and represent us.

I think we may have already found him.

Barack Hussein Obama.

He is black and white. He is Muslim and Christian. He is Hawaiian and a Chicagoan.

I honestly believe that in his second term, he will be Purple. Rahm Emmanuel will be gone. Hillary Clinton will be gone.

President Obama opens an opportunity for an honest conversation amongst Americans.

He has been vilified by gay activists because he hasn't supported a federal gay marriage ammendment.

He has been vilified by right wing extremists because he supports a rational guns right act. (I really don't understand why the right to own an assault rifle or a multi-load shotgun is essential to American life. We have the right to bear arms. The guys that wrote that were thinking muskets, not .50 Caliber Machine Guns. They didn't write that we have the right to bear RPGs, IEDs, MFRPs, land mines, cluster bombs, etc.)

Let's get after it, us boring Purple folks. President Obama is proving to be more in tune with America than the last several Presidents.

Power to the Purple.

We should move the Capitol to Belle Fourche. It would decidely reduce the number of lobbyists. And Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Newt Gingrich would find it suddenly unintersting.

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