Monday, April 6, 2009

What an army can do

We are prepping for the trip to Iraq.

This morning, we unloaded a truckload of supplies that needed packing.

We then spent the day traveling around town picking up additional supplies from strangers who contacted us and asked if they could help.

At four this afternoon, the driveway was full. Snacks for soldiers, soccer balls and school supplies for Iraqi children, and hours worth of work. It all had to be boxed, labeled and loaded back on the truck.

I wanted to cry. Tired from the day's work and overwhelmed by the goodness of people.

Then an army of volunteers showed up. Neihgbors. Friends. Family. Total strangers who came out of the blue.

Under the careful supervision of Ali, the most organized woman in the world, each one was put to work. Age 15 to 75.

Within two hours, everything was packed, labeled and loaded. A miracle.

This army is tired but satisfied. We will have it all in Iraq by the end of the week thanks to American Airlines.

We will than turn it over to the real Army. Hope this little effort will refresh them as much as the 30 or so folks in the driveway refreshed us today.

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