Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to the suck

Blogging on a computer terminal from one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces. One of about 14.

Skipped the tour today of several of his more lavish places. Don't care to see that crap. Zac and I went to see a Stryker unit instead.

Very surreal. Very odd. Very off key.

The United States has a huuuuuuuggge amount of money, infrastructure, equipment and people in this place. All covered with the infamous layer of red dust. Including this computer terminal. It is everywhere. And so are our people and our money.

There are soldiers dying here. Five in Mosul on Friday. Three in Balad yesterday where we were. One in Baghdad today. All by "IED". From what I can tell, they are Iranian made EFMP's, like the ones that got Pete.

Our military leaders on the ground are pleased with the progress made in stabilizing the country. They are very concerned about the deadline for pulling out. From the folks we have met, there is no confidence that the Iraqi government will be ready.

So much going on it is hard to comprehend. This will take weeks to make sense to me, if it ever does.

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  1. Why can't we just let other live by their will and why don't they let us live by our will...