Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy crap, we're going in

75 folks on the plane.

Military veterans.

Entertainers, some who have been into war zones before, some for the first time.

American Airlines career employees.

We got briefed tonight.

So much information it makes your head hurt.

Do I shake with my left hand or right hand?

What do I do if someone offers me coffee?

What if a woman looks at me?

Imagine you are 18 years old. Leaving home for the first time. Have never been shot at before. Or shot at anyone.

And you are supposed to understand the rules of engagement and how to dismantle your gun in a sandstorm. And how to make a call home on a new Iraqi cellphone and some newfangled card. And how not to embarass an Iraqi and cause a firefight.

Oh, and all the ranks of the military, even though each branch uses different terminology. Even different divisions of the Army use different terminology. Cavalry and Infantry don't speak the same language.

Godspeed young men and women. You amaze me constantly. I could not do what you do.

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