Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cynical and alive, or naive and dead?

How well do we really know anyone?

Our kids, our friends, our neighbors, our family.

If I think about it much, it is scary.

The University of Georgia didn't know that one of their professors was (allegedly) capable of mass murder. Neither did his family, friends or neighbors or students.

The family, fiancee and friends of Philip Markoff thought he was a second year med student soon to be married with a bright future ahead of him. He is the (alleged) Craigslist killer.

The people that we are closest to are the ones best able to deceive and take advantage. Because we are blinded by love and trust. And their minds are manipulating us all the way into thinking what they want.

How do we protect ourselves? How do we protect them from themselves?

With all of our technology, all of our medical advances, all of our research, we can't tell the walking timebombs from the saints. We can't tell Machiavellians from Mary Magdalene. We can't tell Barney Frank from Barney.

I've been blindsided so many times because I am an idiot. I can't remember to distrust people.

I, and maybe all of us, need to heed these words.

Bill Nighy plays the character of Alan Blunt, head of MI6 in the movie "Stormbreaker".

"We don't trust him. We don't trust anybody. That's what we do."

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