Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Miracle Cat

Bob the cat was our soldier to protect us from mice, snakes, etc. for at least 7 years.

Bob disappeared this past summer.

As She who will be reckoned with explains, he was either eaten by a wild thing, or he has a new happy life with a new cat.

That explanation gives me peace.

About a month ago, She and I were at Petsmart in Manhattan Beach. An adoption agency had a bunch of cats there for the taking.

There was a big orange cat that looked so much like Bob it was amazing.

The only difference was he had a bit of white tipping under his nose and on his front paws.

He was Bob's angel.

So I brought him back to Texas.

I let him out of his travel satchel over a month ago.

We haven't seen him since.

When your daughter adopts an animal, you know that losing it is not an option.

Over the past month, we did everything we knew to do to flush him out. Nothing worked. He had vanished.

We had a sense that he was still here. But, we also had a sense that he might have met a hungry coyote.

This has been like chasing a ghost. Every now and then, we would think we had seen an orange tail. Not a whole cat. Just the tail.

Today, my son-in-law called me and said he had seen the cat. Not a tail. Not a ghost. The cat.

So this evening, me and Peanut and Sadie and Zac and the two grandsons went into the garage.

As one wise catwoman advised, we used tuna as the bait.

And sure enough, he emerged.

Whole. Healthy. Purring.

He has been hiding in a pallet of boxes that are to be used for the Unsung Hero Fund.

Bobby Angel is alive.

Thank you, catwoman.

Thank you, Lord. I didn't kill the cat.

Thank you Bob the original.

Thank you Bobby Angel for emerging.

We are going to have a long, full life together.

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