Friday, November 13, 2009

Two years ago

Pete and his men had finished an overnight security post in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad.

They had dealt with the night. They had kicked in the doors that needed to be.

They were rolling home.

The trouble seemed to be behind them.

They didn't know that they were rolling into a death trap.

There was a huge Iranian array of EFMP's waiting for them.

Outside of the Iraqi police station that guarded the entrance to the Green Zone.


And Pete was gone.

And Gage was blinded.

And Boekel will be full of copper to be pulled out later.

And the rest will be left to deal with the death and destruction in their truck.

The bastards that pulled the trigger didn't care.

All they wanted was payback.

They got it.

Oh, they got it.

Oh, you who pulled that trigger.

Oh, you who planted that bomb.

Oh, you Iraqi policemen that allowed it to happen.

You will get yours.

If you haven't already.

You will get what is yours.

A man is dead.

A man is blinded.

For what, you idiots?

Are you living better now?

I am thankful that I have a forgiving God. Unlike your wrongheaded Koran, we don't believe in killing infidels. We pray for them.

Otherwise, I would be on you like white on rice.

There is world war coming.

Let me tell you that you who choose Alluha Akbar are on the losing side.

See you soon.

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