Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The next to last email

As he suggested, I stayed at Hotel Angerer last November when the Regiment came home to Vilseck.

Little did we know what the circumstances would be.

I miss you, son.


Pete Burks to me
show details 11/6/07

hey dad,

here is the e-mail that i promised to send you earlier today:

oakley boot size: 10.5 Regular. you can purchase them either through the oakley website, or you can buy them at www.standardissue.com.

also, the hotel you should try to stay in if you guys come to vilseck is the hotel angerer. it's not far from the front gate, and it's probably the biggest hotel in town.

i love you so much dad, and thanks for all that you do. YOU ARE THE BEST!



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