Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To die for

Our men and women who wear the cloth of our nation sign up to defend our country and our constitution till death.

We are alot like the Buffalo Bills.

We haven't had a big win in a while.

For all the money, blood and sacrifice in Iraq, what do we have to show?

For all the money, blood and sacrifice in Afghanistan, what do we have to show?

Tonight, a disturbing report surfaces about the brother of President Karzai.

According to "reports" to The New York Times, he is not only a big time peddler of heroin, he has been receiving payments from the CIA for eight years.

If this is true, and these leaks don't happen unless someone wants them to happen, what the f?

We put Karzai in power.

And in the meantime, our soldiers and Marines are getting killed fighting the Taliban that makes their money off the heroin trade.

Something is bad wrong.

What you don't know will get you killed.

It got my son killed.

He didn't know that the surge was to fight a proxy war against Iran. Pete was killed by an Iranian made EFMP. Has anyone in Washington told you that we have been fighting a proxy war against Iran in Iraq since Saddam Hussein was captured?

Our military in Afghanistan have no idea what the mission is.

And it just got more complicated and insidious.

President Obama, America has leverage. The sweetest word in business and war.

We control the skies.

In 1945, President Truman made a decision.

Send American troops into Japan. Assumption, 500,000 to 1 million troops killed.

President Truman made the decision to send nuclear bombs to Nagasaki and Hiroshima to prove to the Japanese regime that the United States would rather their civilians die than a million of our soldiers.

President Obama, there is a clear threat in Afghanistan, Pakistan's border regions, and Iran.

I urge you not to support General McChrystal's request.

He didn't ask for enough.

Send the bombs.

If you are going to send troops, listen to General Shinseki. He got fired for saying we needed 500,000 troops to secure Iraq. He was right.

We have overpowering force capabilities.

It saves lives. Mostly, American lives.

Pardon my French, but end this bullshit.

Kill the enemy.

Then bring us home.

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  1. As always Alan well said. A prudent and timely message all Americans need to understand.