Monday, March 16, 2009

Operation Iraqi Children

Our soldiers in Iraq have discovered that the school system there is in total disarray.

They have also discovered that when they deliver school supplies to teachers, parents and school kids, our soldiers tend not to get shot at in those villages.

Operation Iraqi Children is working on this issue.

In April, American Airlines will be donating a plane and crew to fly a load of supplies for O.I.C. to the Middle East.

In addition, American has invited the Peter Burks Unsung Hero Fund to participate. We will be shipping soldier care packages, school supplies, soccer balls and love on this flight.

To date we have shipped four tons into Iraq and Afghanistan. We have learned that the only way to ship is across the counter at the local post office. We have dominated the counter at a few in Texas in the past year. We have also learned it is expensive to ship. By the good graces of American Airlines, we can ship for free.

If you would like to participate, the simplest way is to go to and donate via Paypal. We will buy the supplies and get them packed and on the plane.

This mess in Iraq is long from over. Young men and women are still dying in combat. Iraq is making some progress, but it is still fragile.

Let's show the troops that they are not forgotten and let's help change the Iraqi perception of Americans by offering help to their children.

And many thanks to Operation Iraqi Children and American Airlines for their big hearts.

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  1. Thanks for the information. Its good to hear that people still care for others!