Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

Staff Sergeant Kerry Bell of Inglewood, California died this week.

He was stationed at Fort Lee, New Jersey. He was playing basketball, fell ill, and passed away.

I know nothing about SSG Kerry Bell other than he was in the Army and his family lost their son, brother, cousin, loved one this week.

I stood the flag line with the Patriot Guard today to honor him and his family.

No doubt, SSG Bell was a baller. He had served his country and his family. He was doing what he loved. He died in service to our country while playing bball with his buds.

While we watch the young studs of UConn, UNC, Syracuse, etc., let's remember SSG Bell. And the thousands like him. Young male and female athletes that have chosen the uniform of the U.S.A.

Rest, SSG Bell. Your job is done. We will remember you. And we thank you for serving us.

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