Thursday, March 11, 2010

The tears of a SEAL

Thursday night.

Preston and Park in North Dallas.

Could be Peachtree and Piedmont in Atlanta.

Broadway and the upper 80's in New York.

Sepulveda and Manhattan Beach Boulevard in LA.

The neighborhood without pain.

All is good.

An upscale dinner on Thursday night.

I went looking for a nice dinner.

I left with a new friend for life.

Scott was a SEAL.

As the piano player sang, we made contact.

He and his beautiful wife were in full song.

As we sang to Rod Stewart, he saw the bracelet.

We talked about Pete.

And then Scott got misty.

Maybe for a moment, lost it.

This is a SEAL for God's sake.

He cannot say what he's seen.

He cannot admit his pain.

But on a parking lot tonight, we shared it.

I cannot imagine what he has seen and lost.

He can't and doesn't want to try to imagine my situation.

He has two kids.

Scott, thank you for your service.

Scott, know that you are loved and supported.

Scott, know that you are not alone.

Godspeed Scott.

I hope we meet again.

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