Monday, March 8, 2010


Four days in Los Angeles.

Four days with my peanut.

She is happy, playful, open, alive. In love with her mommy and her daddy.

She and I played tennis together yesterday.

She's never played before, but she loved it.

On Saturday, we played the #2 ranked team in the 3rd grade girls basketball league.

We beat them 39-3. Every girl on our team scored. A coach's dream game.

That's all I could possibly ask for.

But, I got to have lunch today with a new friend.

Never expected this relationship, but he is such a blessing.

He is an encourager.

We've only known each other for a few months, but he encourages me. He prays for me and my family.

If you don't have an encourager, I hope you get one. And/or, I hope I can be one for you.

It is amazing what the power is of knowing that there is at least one human that thinks of you in a totally unselfish way and just wants to float your boat.

I hope I can learn from him and float his to an even higher tide.

Tonight, had dinner with another friend that is as talented a human as I've ever known. He has made history with his work.

We talked about working together on something bigger than both of us.

And I learned today that my son had won a hard fought competition for a job with a great company. Way to go, big man.

I've been worried sick about his health insurance.

He turned 24 on Sunday. As happy as I was to celebrate his birthday, I realized that he is now without health insurance. For whatever reason, as you well know, the health insurance companies kick them out of family coverage at that age.

But now, he's tucked in.

My grown daughters have great, solid jobs.

My pops is still selling real estate at 83 and he and his girlfriend rock Fayetteville, Georgia.

I'm sure there is a land mine that I'm going to step on tomorrow.

I know that one phone call from any of my loved ones can change my perspective in an instant.

But for this one night, bliss.

Thank you Lord.

May we all have more of these, please.

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