Friday, January 15, 2010

Wootton Bassett: A Two Part Lesson

Part Two

Meet Anjem Choudary. He is a radical Islamic cleric living in London.

He heads a group called Islam4UK. Or, at least he did until yesterday when the British government made it a crime to belong to the group.

Mr. Choudary is a British citizen. And he draws $52,936 a year in government income subsidy and housing support because he is paid just a small income from the Muslim group he heads. The UK has generous welfare laws which makes it a haven for foreign nationals to want to immigrate there.

Mr. Choudary is free to express himself as he has under protection of freedom of speech laws in the UK.

Mr. Choudary refers to British soldiers as "murderers", "baby killers", and "like Nazi stormtroopers".

He has links to known terrorists both in the UK and abroad.

He has said Prime Minister Gordon Brown is like Adolf Hitler. He says the UK is guilty of state terrorism because it has sent soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Choudary and his group have protested at military parades shouting their hate at British soldiers.

And this week, they announced plans to head for Wootton Bassett to protest during the return of fallen British soldiers.

That announcement sent shock waves thru the UK. They finally crossed the line of what the public would allow.

Yesterday, the group was banned from existence by the British government.

Today, Choudary has said his group will agree to not be at Wootton Bassett IF Gordon Brown will debate a convicted terrorist who lives in hiding somewhere in the Middle East.

Choudary has found the limits of the UK's willingness to put up with his hate speech.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. It will be a confrontation between how the courts interpret freedom of speech vs. hate speech. It will be a confrontation between radical Islam and the heart and soul of the people of the UK.

And one of many reasons this is important is that this same thing can happen in the U.S., Canada and most of the countries that are fighting this war.


Freedom of speech and public assembly is a basic right in democracies. But the founding fathers of all of those countries never anticipated radical Islam wanting to establish Sharia law in their countries. And that freedom of speech laws give them the right to spread their hatred, their lies, their warped religious views as they wish.

Think it can't happen?

Well, read on.

There is a group in Topeka, Kansas that calls itself the Westboro Baptist Church.

There website is

They claim that 9/11 was caused by God because America loves fags.

They claim that American soldiers are dying because America loves fags.

Here are some photos from this group protesting at the funerals of fallen American soldiers.

That's correct. They protest and carry these signs at the funerals of fallen American soldiers.

Including my son's.

Two days before Pete's funeral, the local police chief came by the house. He said he needed to show me a letter.

It was from Westboro Baptist Church to the Frisco, Texas city government announcing their plans to protest at Pete's funeral under their federal rights and within the laws of Frisco, Texas.

On a day that was 35 degrees and raining, they were there. All around the church.

Thankfully, the Patriot Guard Riders shielded the immediate family from seeing any of them. As a matter of fact, that's how the PGR was founded. To protect families of fallen soldiers from being assaulted by the hatred, lies and warped religious views of this group.

But other friends and family weren't shielded.

Friends and family were shocked. They couldn't believe their eyes and ears.

The pastor of the church, Dr. Charles Swindoll, was shaken to his core when he saw them.

Chuck is an ex-Marine. And one of the leading expositors of God's word.

He told me he rolled his window down and was about to have an exchange with the group. He was steaming.

Then, discretion took over and he drove past.

He commented about the irony of Pete having died to protect their freedom of speech.

If Westboro Baptist Church can do it, how long before Mr. Choudary or and imam like him follows. (Religion makes strange bedfellows.)

Mr. Choudary's group is saying the same thing in the UK.

"Your son's are dying to protect our freedom of speech", he has the gall to say.

We lovers of freedom have some thinking and some deciding to do.

Are there limits on freedom of speech? If so, where and when and how?

And the haters of freedom have some thinking and deciding to do.

People like Anjem Choudary and Westboro Baptist Church need to know that when you cross the line, there will be a response.

And it's about time there was.

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