Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The UN stands for Unrestrained Nutjobs

If you had more important things to do this morning than listen to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi ramble incoherently in his first ever speech to the UN, here is a quick recap.

He spoke for one hour and 36 minutes. The rule of the UN General Assembly is no speaker is to take more than 15 minutes. No wonder the UN is a laughing-stock. They can't even control their own lectern.

And, here were the key points of his "message":

* Swine flu was created as a moneymaking exercise by drug companies who are now working on a man-made "fish flu"

* JFK was assassinated by Israel because he wanted to investigate their nuclear reactors

* A UN inquiry should investigate the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

* The UN should be moved to Delhi or Beijing – to make the trip less arduous for most countries

* Modern day piracy in Africa is the fault of western imperialism

* Immigration to Europe should be unrestricted until it has paid $7.7 trillion in restitution

While he was erecting his tent on Donald Trump's property in Westchester, why didn't somebody do the world a favor and cause a construction accident to take out this unrepentant, crazed terrorist?

Stay tuned for more fine oratory today from clear minded freedom lovers like Mr. Medvedev of Russia and Mr. Ahmadinejabberwocky from Iran.

This is sure to lead to world peace.

How do you say Kumbaya in Arabic?

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