Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you want your gun blued with that presciption?

You don't know the meaning of convenience store until you live in a small country town.

Due to the lack of traffic, small town merchants have to be creative in luring business to survive.

Like just this morning, I went to pick up my dry cleaning. The stuff I dropped off at 10 pm Friday night.

That's right, 10 pm Friday night. Cause the dry cleaner is also a video store. And also a tanning salon.

You can get light starch, pick up "Zack and Miri Make a Porno", and get a good base tan all in one stop. From 7am to 10 pm. Now that's convenience.

Sadly, the local drug store changed hands a few years ago when the owner and pharmacist decided to retire to spend more time ranching and golfing. (His wife is the local postmaster, and she's none to happy about it.)

Rex could fix whatever ailed you, and repair your 12 gauge over and under while you waited.

The drugstore is now owned and managed by some sweet ladies. I was in just the other day, and they had a small cooler with some locally produced pickles to go along with the Z-packs. It's always handy to have fresh pickles when your sickly.

But nothing takes your mind off your pains like seeing a disassembled Winchester.

As creative as the business people are in my town, I'm afraid we have to cede the title to a store between Princeton and Farmersville, Texas.

"Guns and Donuts" says the handpainted sign in the window.

Now, that's thinking outside the box.

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  1. There is a business in Denton, Tx on Hwy 380 called Myrtle Crenshaw's Beauty Parlor, Chainsaw Repair, and Nightclub.