Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living healthy, happy lives without government help

Imagine a place where people commonly live to be 90.

And at age 90, they are sexually active, healthy, working, productive, happy folks.

And if they are doing that at 90, imagine what they are doing at 50.

There is such a place.

And here are there dirty little secrets.

-These people live on an island with few outside influences.

-These people have developed a unique outlook on life including relentless optimism and a propensity for partying.

-They go to bed well after midnight, sleep late, and take daily naps.

-They eat lots of locally grown veggies and fish. And red meat. And fresh baked bread. And soak and sop everything in olive oil. And enjoy it with red wine and herbal teas.

-They don't worry about much of anything. They don't care about time. Work gets done when it gets done.

-They get around by walking instead of trains, planes and automobiles.

-Because of their isolation, they have developed strong connections with their family and friends.

-They are devoutly religious. The more regular their attendance at religious services, the longer the lifespan.

This isn't fantasy, Utopia, or Nirvana.

And, this lifestyle was neither created by nor hindered by government.

Nature, Providence and common sense is all it took.

The place is Ikaria. A rocky island in the Aegean Sea.

One of the so-called Blue Zones, places in the world where people live healthier and longer than other places on earth.

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