Saturday, June 27, 2009

Must be the camouflage

Traveling today thru two busy airports.

Lots of military men and women in both places.

Most wearing their everyday work clothes. ACUs.

The pattern design is intended to help camouflage our military in a variety of conditions.

Apparently, it works in airports as well.

At almost every gate and baggage claim, there they stand. As though invisible. Unseen. Unacknowledged. Unappreciated.

These heroes are either on their way to or just coming home from some God-forsaken place and duty.

They are someone's daughter, son, mother, husband, brother, aunt. They are ordinary American citizens. They just happen to have chosen a life of service to their country.

Just look at them. That’s a start.

Then give them a handshake, a smile and say, “Thanks for your service.”

I did it so many times today. The military folks smiled and said, "No problem, sir. It's my honor, sir. Thank you, sir."

My fellow civilian travelers looked at me like I had lost my mind. You could see the shock on their faces that a stranger would walk up to these men and women, invade their personal space, and say thanks.

You have no idea what they might have sacrificed for you.

Lost friends. Lost hearing. Lost income. Lost soul.

The least we can do is let them know we see them. And better yet, appreciate them.

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