Thursday, May 28, 2009

Women or trees

One mother.

Two grandmothers.

One sister.

Couple of girlfriends.

Two wives.

Two mothers-in-law.

Three daughters.

I've figured out that I can't figure them out.

I'm sure it is me.

I've decided to take up with trees.

In fact, one in particular.

There is a huge bois d'arc in the backyard.

It doesn't move. Always in the same place.

Its moods don't change.

It doesn't need its leaves recolored, its branches redone, any fake anything.

It has big wide branches to provide protection and cool, shady places to snuggle up in and take naps. In fact, its fine if I hang a hammock on it and snore like a pig.

It doesn't pout.

It doesn't watch a clock. It doesn't run late.

It is just there. Always the same. Always ready for whatever I want to do. And just fine if I dont' pay it any attention for months at a time.

Not asking for anything. No drama. No getting hysterical or historical. Just being and happy being it.

Sturdy. Steady. Calm. Impervious.

If only I had figured this out years ago. Oh the money, stomach lining and blond hairs I might still have.