Sunday, May 9, 2010

A different kind of Mothers Day

Below is a note I just received from a Gold Star family support group.

It is self-explanatory.

It is heartbreaking.

And, it provides a chance to be part of a miracle.

Since my Mom isn't here for me to give her a hug, I'm heading to the post office to send Mrs. Koch some love.

Thanks for anything you can do.


Dear Friends of Christine Koch,

It is with overwhelming sadness that I be the one to inform you of a tragedy that has befallen the Koch family. As you all know, two years ago Christine and Bill Koch were informed that their beloved son, Stephen gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States Army over in Afghanistan. This morning, Friday May 7, 2010, there was another knock at the door; they were informed of the untimely death of their oldest daughter, Lynne.

I have been in contact with Christine and was given permission to alert you all of this unfortunate tragedy. Arrangements are not yet finalized.

David Lussier and I, along with Ron Dixon, the Commander of American Legion Post 25, and Nancy O’Rorke, Ron’s fiancĂ© and Christine’s closest friend, are working together to help Christine and Bill and their other son, Billy, with the unfortunate task of raising the funds to help them bury their daughter properly. The family has been hit hard in recent months with unexpected financial matters; therefore, we ask that you find it in your hearts to send $1.00 in a sympathy card to help them bury their daughter properly. Christine has been there for our troops no matter what and today she is grieving the loss of yet another child – how much more can one mother endure.

In anticipation of your willingness to help the Koch family, I have obtained some vital information which is as follows:

Please do not send flowers, instead send Christine a card of encouragement and if you can, enclose $1.00 or more if you have it to let her know she is not grieving alone. This family has given enough and now its time to ask you all to search your hearts to help a Mother who is need of burying another child.

Cards and donations are being accepted via the American Legion. All donations will be used to help the family deal with this tragedy in private. Send your note, card and donation to:

Joyce Kilmer American Legion Post 25
Attn: Commander Ron Dixon
PO Box 173
Milltown, NJ 08850

If there is anyone out there who wishes to donate more or do something special for Christine, please contact Commander Ron Dixon directly at 732-404-7445 (this number is shared with direct permission from Mr. Dixon) Checks should be made payable to the Joyce Kilmer American Legion Post 25 – memo note: Koch Family

On behalf of David Lussier and myself, we thank you all for supporting our beloved Christine and her family in their hour of need. Please pray for their family to be strong and allow God to give them the strength to endure this terrible tragedy.

Betty Kilbride and David Lussier

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