Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A promise and a prayer

Five years ago, 17 brave young men were returning to the Green Zone after an overnight mission to bring safety and sanity to a section of Baghdad full of crazy hatred. 

Little did they know they were targeted for an ambush that would forever change their lives.

As their convoy of three Strykers drove past the Iraqi police station that was there to provide security in the middle of that city, an array of Iranian made bombs was detonated. 

The white hot copper shredded the lead vehicle and shredded the lives of those young men and hundreds of their comrades, their families, their communities.

My prayer today is that God will help those of us impacted by that event to have peace.  To know that love conquers evil.  To know that our bonds are stronger and our purpose higher.  To know we've been brought together for a reason.  To know that Pete loved his job.  Loved his men.  Loved his commanding officers.  His mentors.  His family.  His friends.  He died a complete and happy man.

I pray that we will remember the words of Chaplain CPT Smith.  "Some men die better than others.  Pete died well.  His face was of a man at peace."

I pray for the people of Iraq.  That they would find peace.  That they would find the One and True living God. 

And, I pray for the people of Iran.  That they would gain freedom from tyranny.  That they would find the One and True living God.

Pete, Palehorse Troop, 4/2 SCR, others who died and were wounded by Iranian weapons while you were trying to bring peace to the suffering people of Iraq, here's a promise.

Those bastards in Iran that planned and executed their proxy war on American troops in Iraq will not find peace so long as I live.  They will be remembered for what they did, and continue to do.  They will be remembered for their cowardice.  Their evil.  Their lies.  Their deceit. 

We will pursue the truth.  We will tell the story.  We will not be deterred from justice. They will pay a hefty price for their actions. 

Godspeed to the men and women who experienced that day. 

Let's move on with determination to make this world a better and safer place.

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