Saturday, January 21, 2012

Veteran's Ink

So, you want to show support for men and women that have served in our military?

No, really, do you?

If you don't really want to, that's ok.

If you do really want to, keep reading.

There is a company called Veteran's Ink.  Here is their website

The company is owned by veterans.  The company only employs veterans.

The founder is Patrick Sowers.  I know him. I've worked with him.  He is an Iraq War vet. 

Veteran's Ink sells something you should be buying anyway.  Ink at prices way less expensive than retail.  (Did you know that 80% of Hewlett Packard's profits come from selling ink?)

They also are experts in helping companies and organizations manage printing equipment.  Nationwide. 

So, if you, your organization, your company, your family, your synagogue, your church, your bank, your city, your mosque, your whatever buys ink and prints stuff, why wouldn't you call or email Patrick and see what Veteran's Ink can do?

You might save alot of money, and in the meantime, create a job for someone that has willingly sacrificed their life for you. 

Please pass this along.  The unemployment rate amongst Iraq and Afghanistan vets is over 12% and growing.  This is the kind of thing we can do to reduce that number without any government help. 

Email this to the person at your company that buys ink.  Send it to your vendors and suggest they think about it.  Email it to all your friends.

Thanks for what you already do, and thanks in advance for helping Veteran's Ink continue to make a difference.

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