Monday, March 21, 2011

Have you said thanks on Cloth of the Nation?

We launched 9 days ago.

351 different folks have visited the site.

From 11 countries.

From 33 of our United States.

But only 50 notes of support.

The power in this idea will come from your note of support. Your note is needed to let our folks in uniform know someone cares.

Visits are of course appreciated. But today, we covet your note being added to the site.

On Saturday two members of 4th Squadron, Second Stryker Cavalry Regiment, were killed by small arms fire in Kandahar province in Afghanistan. Pete's squadron.

There are men and women in that unit today that need to hear a good word from somebody. And, there are units like that around the world.

Please, take five minutes to add your note of thanks. And, then pass the site on.

Thanks in advance from someone who longs to hear from you.

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