Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cloth of the Nation

I had never heard this term until after Pete was dead.

I first heard "The Cloth of the Nation" at a military ceremony where all of our military service members were honored.

There is no one term to describe our folks in service other than "military".

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.

What a wonderful set of words.

The Cloth of the Nation.

Those who serve us wear the Cloth of the Nation.

Thanks to all who have worn it.

From the Revolutionary War forward.

You have represented us.

We are about to launch a new website called The Cloth of the Nation.

It has one simple purpose.

To connect civilian America with military America.

I have learned since Pete's death from thousands of Americans that they have a desire to show support for our folks serving in the military.

And, I have learned from you that are serving, does anyone give a damn about what I'm doing?

Well, millions do want to say we support you.

And, we want to provide a place where you can go in the middle of the night in Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, or whatever awful place you are, and know that you are loved and appreciated.

We were created by a great military.

We continue to live by the service of a great military.

Godspeed to all who wear the Cloth of the Nation.

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