Friday, July 16, 2010

What's love got to do with it?


Or, nothing.

Freakonomics is the best book yet to explain human behavior.

We do things out of incentives.

But the one thing economic theory cannot explain is love.

Love is a conscious decision to put anothers needs before ours.

That isn't human.

Love is from God. Because God is love.

It is why a single mom works two jobs to put her kids thru school.

It is why a father quits his job to spend more time with his kids.

It is why a person voluntarily joins the military.

It is why some marriages last.

It is why we can say I'm sorry, and have the other believe it.

It is why there is a United Way and a Red Cross.

It is why there are angels amongst us.

It is why a man who didn't put the Easter eggs out the night before wakes up Easter morn and cuts bunny feet with a bandsaw, straps them on his feet and hops thru the snow to place Easter eggs for his kids.

It is why Union Missions exist.

It is why Hallmark and ATT exist.

It is why arrivals are so much sweeter than departures.

It is why some companies have fans.

It is the difference between Judaism and Christianity and all other religions.

It is the one thing every one of us on earth shares.

The need to be loved. Unconditionally.

It won't happen, but wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a country on earth whose mission was simply to love.

In the meantime, remember to love first. The rest will follow.

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